26 January, 2021

Wedding Feature: Sarah & Nick’s light and airy private home wedding

Today, we are so excited to share the story of Sarah & Nick. We had the most amazing time playing at their gorgeous late September soirée filled with blue hues, white florals, and an easy breezy waterfront view. Like so many couples this year, Sarah and Nick had to quickly readjust with the ever-changing nature of the pandemic. However, as their guest list grew smaller, their wedding vision grew stronger. The end result was an intimate day filled to the brim with love and meaning. The ceremony and reception took place at Nick’s stunning family home, with a homemade baked cake, and a dance floor full of friends and family.

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1. Tell us the story of how you two met.

We met in a parking lot…  Haha- but seriously, we met through mutual friends at a pool party.  We ended up meeting up at a parking lot before the party and we both, to this day, still remember that fateful day shaking hands in the parking lot! We ended up hanging out every week after that and were officially dating a month later. 

2. What made you decide that this was the right person to be with for the rest of your life?

Sarah’s answer: I knew when I realized how comfortable I could be around him.  I knew he must be the one because I felt so much like my true self when I was with him.

Nicholas’s answer: I loved her patience and understanding.

Yours Truly Media

3. What do you enjoy most about each other’s company?

How well we flow together and can have the best time together no matter what we’re doing.  Every minute together is relaxing, refreshing, new and always full of love. 

4. How was your experience with Sound Society?

Absolutely amazing! We didn’t have a wedding planner or coordinator. I was a wreck trying to figure out how we should organize the night and how to transition. I had a call will Hannah a couple of weeks before the wedding and she put me immediately at ease. She helped me work through a schedule that made the most sense and how she could help transition the guests.  The day of the wedding, everything flowed perfectly all thanks to her!  The band was by far the highlight of the wedding and we didn’t leave the dance floor the whole night!

5. What was your favorite song you danced to at your wedding? 

Honestly, every song was amazing and we really think we danced to EVERY single one.  We loved our first dance song “Speechless”. Crowd favorites were “September” and “Shout” where everyone made it onto the dance floor.

6. Share one special memory from your wedding with us.

A few of our favorite memories from the day were when we shared our vows we wrote for each other. We felt that since we had such a small and intimate wedding that writing our own vows would make the day that much more special. We also loved the speeches both of our Fathers gave at the reception. They were so raw and heartfelt and had everyone tearing up. And we can’t forget the homemade funfetti cake (Nick’s favorite!) Nick’s Mom baked for our wedding cake the morning of the wedding! As if planning and hosting a wedding wasn’t enough on her plate!

7. What changes did you have to make to your plans due to the pandemic? Do you have any advice or great solutions you found that you would like to share for other couples?

Originally our plan was to have about 140 guests with the ceremony at Nick’s family’s house and the reception at their country club.  About 5 months before the wedding the club called and told us they had canceled all events for the season, including our wedding.  Since we were already planning the ceremony at their house, we just decided to move the reception there as well. This just meant a little more work on our end coordinating the vendors versus the club handling everything, but at the time seemed like the worst thing that could have happened and was my first wedding breakdown (eye roll at myself). Then closer to the wedding, as COVID didn’t seem to be coming to an end we realized we would have to limit our guest count to 50.  While we were crushed at first and had to make some difficult phone calls, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  Being able to have a small and intimate wedding allowed us to truly enjoy ourselves while spending time with each and every one of our guests.  While we are sad we weren’t able to share it with all of our friends and family, we truly had a magical day that we will remember fondly forever.  My best advice for other couples getting married during this time is to not get caught up in the specifics. Venues will change, vendors will change, and guest counts will change.  But the one thing that will never change is that you both love each other and have decided to get married.  Everything else is nice to have but that love is the priority.


Yours Truly Media

Hair & Makeup:
Amber Papastavros

Lihi Hod, from Gabriella New York Bridal Salon

Umberto Pitagora, Master Tailor, Greenwich CT

Nick’s Family Home