01 February, 2022

Wedding Feature: Liz & Bob’s New York Waterfront Wedding

We had the most amazing time performing at Liz & Bob’s wedding. The dance floor was packed all night, and their waterfront ceremony at The Sagamore Resort was nothing short of stunning. Find out more about their love story, wedding planning process, how they chose their first dance song, and more!

1. Tell us the story of how you two met. 

We were partners at work. I think we noticed our chemistry pretty immediately — Liz would tell me what to do and I’d pretty much do what I was told and we were very successful because of that. We had been working together for a few months and eventually just got to a point where we decided to go out and the rest is history.

2. What made you decide that this was the right person to be with for the rest of your life?

Bob’s answer: She was a very different girl than anyone I had met before. We would go to work events and she’d drink whiskey — something I wouldn’t touch at the time. And she was incredibly easy to laugh with. I think it was that intrigue paired with her sense of humor and how easy we just got along that made me say this is the one.
Liz’s answer: He made me laugh constantly. He looked at everything differently — never afraid to make a joke when no one else would and would always say what was on his mind. Because of that, there was never a dull moment with him and once I realized that, I knew I always wanted to be around him.

3. Share one special memory from your wedding with us.

It had to be when the band graciously let me hop up on stage with them. I love “Valerie” and that I like to think I can sing decently, so I asked if Hannah would surprise everyone and call me up to join them. And it was an absolute blast. I couldn’t thank the band enough for letting me basically mess around with all of them as professionals up there. It was a ton of fun and I’m sure they don’t want to do that all the time, so I couldn’t be more grateful they let me get up there and be their very limited lead singer. (Band Note: We know those special moments are often the highlight of the event and we couldn’t have asked for a better bandmate for the night 😉

4. What made you choose Sound Society as your wedding band? 

We literally knew the moment we heard Sound Society start to play. We had seen a number of bands and we thought they were all good and interesting. But during Sound Society’s show, two things happened that really sealed it on the spot — we had heard the singers belt out amazing notes, high, low, and with such presence! We thought they were just powerful and lit up the crowd. And two — we heard “and this is what it sounds like with the full horns” and were blown away. I knew we needed that amazing horn section and sound!

5. What was your favorite song you danced to at your wedding?

Hard to say what our favorite was both because we enjoyed the whole night and each song went right into the next so it was a blur! We loved that it was constant dancing and our guests did as well. There was no question we were having a great time when the band was playing.

6. How did you choose your first dance song?

Not very methodically! We put on playlist after playlist on Spotify for wedding first dance songs and basically went back and forth on about 4 or 5. We then sent a few to our family to see what they voted on and we were still mixed. At the end of it all, we were taking a road trip to upstate NY and Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” came on a random playlist. It wasn’t in our consideration, but after all the back and forth, we picked the song right there in the car. Sort of an “Oh yeah, this song’s great” kind of deal.

7. What changes (if any) did you have to make to your plans due to the pandemic? Do you have any advice or great solutions you found that you would like to share with other couples? 

We were very lucky in that we had a venue that was basically outdoors and we had it at a time when we were ok on some of the COVID rules. We had to postpone like many people did and went through the process of scenario planning, removing people from the list, getting them back on the list, etc. It was a bit hectic, but we managed and have a lot of friends and family to thank for getting us there. The advice we’d have is to not let those things get in the way. At a certain point, we had done all the scenario planning anyone could do and realized things were just out of our hands, but we couldn’t let that or anything ruin what we knew would be an amazing day. From the COVID uncertainty to the weather leading up to the wedding, things were just out of our control. But we stayed positive and knew we wanted to have fun no matter what. Our attitude made that day and would have with any problem that might have come our way. In the end, we had a beautiful sunny day at a time when COVID was on the decline so not much got in our way, and we’re incredibly thankful for that. 

8. Share your team of vendors with us! 

Florist: @samathanassfloraldesign

Photographer/videographer: @treeoflifefilmsandphotos

Hair/make-up: @true.beauty.co

Venue: @thesagamoreresort