31 August, 2021

Vendors We Love: Ani Wolff

As August comes to a close, we are taking a moment to recognize just how wonderful this wedding filled summer has been! Amidst all the reschedules and twists and turns, we have been able to work with some incredible vendors that have ensured the quality and ease of countless wedding days. Today, we are so excited to highlight Ani Wolff!

Working with Ani is always a pleasure. We are so impressed by her story and the work that she has done. Find out a little bit more about her story below, and check out her website here: https://aniwolff.com/

1. Tell us a little bit about your business and how you got your start in the wedding industry. 

My current business is a loving combination of my two passions – healthful living and planning spectacular, fun, heartwarming events. I have been in the events industry since University and began planning charity fashion shows, luncheons, and galas. From there, I moved towards corporate and business event planning. When I myself was getting ready to walk down the aisle 6 years ago, I started my own wedding planning and health/fitness journey. As my events business bloomed, I decided to pivot into weddings back in 2017. I noticed that, in order for me to be my absolute best self during events, with my clients, and on long, long event days, my health absolutely had to be my #1 priority. With my health goals all aligned, I am able to think more clearly, do more during the day, and show up for my clients and my colleagues. So, it only made sense to evolve to a weddings AND wellness based business in 2020. I love helping clients achieve their ultimate wedding PLUS fitness goals. It’s a beautiful, exciting journey! 

2. What is your favorite thing about working in weddings?

The adrenaline of the outcome, of course! There’s nothing quite like that exciting wedding day feeling. If I could physically be at a wedding every single day of my life, I definitely would. To hone in on this more – I love the problem-solving aspect of my business. Putting myself in my unique clients’ shoes, making sure that all their needs are being met, that all the pieces are falling into place, makes me come alive. One friend told me just this past weekend, “if ever there was anyone I’d like to be in a room with during an emergency, it’s definitely you.” Executing on the details we’ve built together and adhering to a timeline is also the best way to exhibit my unique skillset.

3. Can you share a memory working with Sound Society Band? 

I believe the most recent event working with Sound Society has been my favorite! We worked together for a wedding that was postponed THREE times due to COVID-19. The final venue ended up being the beautiful Westchester Country Club. I loved this wedding most because the energy of “FINALLY” was palpable, the crowd was ready to celebrate this couple that had been through so much during the process, and all the vendors were so, so ready to work and create magic on the dance floor. And that’s what we did – create magic, fun, and the best energy for our loving couple.

4. What’s a wedding tip you wish you could tell to every engaged couple? 

Please, please, please do what YOU want, and don’t listen to anyone else! I understand – easier said than done! Listen to your gut. If you envision your floor plan looking a certain way, then let’s create that plan and ignore “tradition”. If you want to incorporate fun things into your ceremony, let’s bring some joy and laughter to the most magical 30-60 minutes of your life. If you don’t want a bridal party, don’t have one! There aren’t any rules, just you two and your love.  

5. Just for fun! Do you have a favorite quote? 

“The scariest moment is always just before you start” by Stephen King. Most of the things I do, I start terrified. So, just do it scared, and the rest will come together before your eyes.