09 March, 2021

5 Ways to Better Prepare for Your Wedding

March has arrived! Which means it has been been a full year of living in a pandemic, mastering socially distant weddings, rescheduling dates, accommodating smaller guest counts, and still managing to create amazing memories with our clients (despite nothing going as planned!) Living through this year has once again shown us the importance of music, people, and love! After a year of watching our industry and the world struggle, it is so exciting to see the rise of events again. Now with vaccines in reach and the summer months approaching, we are anxiously awaiting the return of full hearts and full dance floors.

With so many weddings rescheduled from last year, we want to give a little bit of advice to our engaged couples who are starting to plan for the remainder of 2021 and 2022. Check out these 5 Ways to better prepare for your big day!

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Start booking your vendors now

Some popular wedding vendors, and venues are already beginning to book up until 2023. With so many weddings postponed from last summer, a backlog of events has begun to arise causing a major shortage of availability. It’s never too early to start making some initial inquiries and locking in your vendors well in advance! (To make an inquiry with Sound Society Band, send us an email at info@soundsociety.band)

Be flexible with your date

The coveted weekend wedding during Spring/Summer might be a little more difficult to acquire this year and the next. Due to the high demand, it might be a good idea to have some other dates in mind that don’t fall within peak wedding season. Weekday weddings are also becoming increasingly popular. If you’re already planning a smaller wedding this can be especially intriguing since you have fewer people to worry about getting time off during the week, etc!

Turn compromises into upgrades

On the areas where you might have to make adjustments, try and leverage your budget to enhance your event in other areas. For example, weekday weddings are often cheaper than weekend weddings. Use that extra money to get a larger wedding band for your reception. Shrinking your guest list? Go for the more expensive caterer!

Continue to plan with social distancing in mind

With vaccine distribution progressing at an unknown pace, it is still a good idea to social distancing on your planning radar. Outdoor weddings and spaced dining tables are both great ways to ensure people are safe during your event.

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Relax and remember what it’s all about!

Restrictions and guidelines will change, but your love will last a lifetime! There are now thousands of couples who have come before you in this pandemic wedding season, and many of them will tell you that it all worked out for the best! To find more about some of our very own clients who got married this past year, click here!

Other resources and articles: For more information and news about the wedding industry, we’ve listed a couple of articles that highlight the important ways in which things are changing. Happy planning!